Podcast Review: Scottish Football Podcast

My Early Exposure

Like with the 5 live Football Daily, I discovered this podcast while looking through the BBC podcast family for things of interest. As a supporter of Scottish football, I was pleased to add it to my collection, and I listen religiously.

The Hosts

If I’m perfectly honest, I can’t remember the name(s) of any hosts for this show, and I know that it’s the same set-up as 5 live, where you get a rotating cast of hosts/regular or irregular guests. Sometimes they do other features, but you get the same voices frequently – but not exactly the same voices every day. Probably says more about me than the podcast that I can’t remember the names, right?

Except in the podcast notes and on BBC websites, I can’t find a list of hosts, either. So…. Maybe they think it’s not important?


As one could predict, this covers Scottish football (gasp). The SPL and the Scottish Championship are regular fare, as well as the Scottish National Team. But you get extra tidbits, both things like other football (like the Homeless World Cup, recently) or other sports (like rugby during Six Nations, or tennis when Andy Murray’s on a hot streak, etc.). The content is all good quality, but it fluctuates between being so consistent it feels like you’re hearing exactly the same thing every day to being so inconsistent you have to double check you didn’t accidentally download some other Scottish sports podcast.

I mean, it’s called Scottish Football, so I should be getting football all the time…right?


This podcast is daily, which is lovely – but could be part of the problem with consistency of content. On the other hand, it does manage a very constant length, with 45 min to 1 hr episodes nearly every day. Yesterday was a half-hour episode, which is an anomaly. There are always exceptions, but they get full marks for regularity, to be sure. You can count on them.

Support Structure

Again, as part of the BBC superstructure, the only advertising is adverts for other BBC programming – typically other BBC Scotland programming. It’s not necessarily relevant to the average football fan, but it is probably reasonably relevant to the average Scot. That doesn’t really apply to me, but they’re few and far between, and the content is completely free to non-British users (see 5 live’s post for more information on how it’s not really free for British users). For me, this is a quality support structure, with minimal incursion on my financial life.

Rating: 3/5

Are you a Scottish Football listener? Anything I missed you want to add? Anything you disagree with?

Also, if you have a podcast you want me to review, go ahead and let me know in the comments! I might be on my list (I’ll bump it forward), or I may not have listened yet, but I’m always looking for more football podcasts to try.




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