Managing My Viewing

You might have noticed: There’s a LOT of football on the television, even in the US. As I’ve begun to branch out, watching more than the EPL, I’ve needed to find the best way to organize how I know what’s on, and how I decide what to watch. With so many options and a desire to maximize my viewing, I’ve taken a few tries to get to what I think is the optimal method.

At first, I was writing all sporting events in a simple planner. Plenty of room on each day, I thought. Except some days (particularly weekends) were so full, I couldn’t get any other information into the planner. I knew I needed to try something different.

I was already getting one of those “mom” planners, with the idea of splitting up all my needs for a different “child” and have appointments in the main morning/afternoon split. It wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped, and I changed my method to a day-specific method of flow, so I thought, “Perfect, I’ll use this mom planner with each “Child” as a different network.” This seemed super-sensible, as I was running NBC, Fox, ESPN, and BeIn at the time. Then, I learned Lifetime was picking up the NWSL and I thought, “Crap.”

The planner method had other flaws, as well. The mom planners have very small lines, so making changes is difficult and messy. It doesn’t display them in time-order unless you write them that way, so making changes when you know the information can be tricky. I realized I needed to go digital if I had a prayer of getting it neat, clean, all in one place, and big enough to cover ALL the football I had at my disposal (plus the cricket, and the F1).

I went to my Outlook calendar and proceeded to make a special calendar for EVERY league, cup, form of cricket, etc. Oh, and the Olympics. If I want to hide Bundesliga, it’s one simple click. If I’m feeling burned out and all I want is to watch Premier League for a week, I can shut down everything else very easily. It can also display all my options in one neat place, so I can decide what’s going on my television, what’s going on my computer, and what I’m watching on my phone. It makes my decisions simple, gives me 15 minute reminders (perfect timing for making a cup of tea and using the toilet) and can be accessed on any device with internet, so if I’m on the go, I can still check my choices. I also get a calendar email digest every morning, so the first thing I do on waking his check what time sports start for the day. Let’s me know if I can afford a few more minutes in bed, or whether I’ve got to crawl my lazy bum upstairs to the sofa.

How do you keep track of your sports viewing? What’s your secret method of juggling?




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