Podcast Review: The Goalmouth

My Early Exposure

I hopped onto this bandwagon from the very launch of the show. It’s a joint endeavor, which I’ll discuss below, and it’s only a handful of months old, so listening to every episode from the beginning isn’t THAT big of a pride thing yet, but it will be in future, I expect. I tried it out because of Total Soccer Show, and was pleased with the funny, clever, bite-sized nature of the news delivered. It’s a unique show, and that stood out right away.

The Hosts

As I said above, this is a joint operation between Total Soccer Show, Howler, and Dirty Tackle. Daryl and Taylor from TSS, George Quraishi from Howler, and Brooks Peck and Ryan Bailey from DT trade off days, so you get a different voice every day of the week delivering news. Each has a slightly different sense of humor, two have British accents (if that changes your views on the pod one way or another), and as they record in isolation, their occasional comments about each other can be very entertaining. They carry on a dialogue, even though each episode is a mini monologue. And the good news is it’s so short that if you don’t like one host, or you think they’re off their game on a certain day, you’ve only got 3-7 minutes of it and then the next day is someone/something else!


The whole world of football is this podcast’s oyster, and they cover interesting and entertaining stories from all corners of the globe. You get five or six stories in each episode, each either entertaining in and of itself or essential football stories they give in an entertaining way. Basically, the things you want to know and the things you need to know, in a way you want to know them. They give links to all the articles if you subscribe to the newsletter, so if there’s a story snippet you wanted to find more information on, you don’t have to try to track it down yourself.


The Goalmouth is on every weekday morning, basically first thing if you live in the US, and the short length makes them a nice way to get the morning started. Maybe listen while your coffee’s brewing or your kettle’s boiling or however you start your morning. Maybe use it as a timer while you do something in your morning routine – although they’re not super strict about the 5-minute thing, so it can’t be anything where you need it to be timed too exactly. However you integrate this podcast into your day, it’s sure to brighten it.

Support Structure

As far as monetary support, they’ve not mentioned sponsorship in any way (except jokingly), and I’ve yet to hear anything about ways it’s being funded by listeners, so presumably its funding is split between the sourcing for the three parent organizations. They do mention leaving reviews wherever you get your podcasts (usually iTunes) if you like the show.

Rating: 5/5

Are you a Goalmouth listener? Anything I missed you want to add? Anything you disagree with?

Also, if you have a podcast you want me to review, go ahead and let me know in the comments! I might be on my list (I’ll bump it forward), or I may not have listened yet, but I’m always looking for more football podcasts to try.




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