Waiting is Agony

Let’s take a moment and consider the beautiful Germany v England friendly in March of last year. Not quite a year yet, it was a moment where the impossible seemed possible and England came out victorious, 3-2, with goals from Kane, Vardy, and Dier. We thought maybe we were seeing the beautiful future of the English National Team, and all was beautiful, right?


Less than 30 minutes into the match, it looked like business as usual for the Germans, with goals and a little bit of luck: Jack Butland looked to roll his ankle and had to be stretchered off.

My heart wasn’t in pain, my heart WAS pain. Just looking at the agony on his face was agony for me as I watched him being taken off, and I prayed that he wasn’t going to be out long. After all, Stoke still had a season to run, and Jack was in strong contention for the England Number 1.

So…what happened to Jack Butland?

A couple of ankle surgeries later, he’s still in recovery, only a couple of months from a year’s anniversary from his injury. Stoke have been okay, but their defense isn’t nearly as strong without him. And now with Joe Hart’s…rather public move to Italy this season, it would seem that the top keepers in the league are not British keepers. I mean, Foster’s not bad, but…

When will Jack be back?

I’m learning not to get my hopes up. I’ve actually told myself he’s never coming back to football, so that when he does I’ll be so happy I’ll cry, instead of just sobbing quietly every time his Twitter tells me the wait is even longer.

Do you want to know how it feels for an injured player to have to wait to play? Follow one closely during an extended injury. You’ll feel the agony, I promise.

Prayers for Jack, please.




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