FA CUP – Round 3

This morning, like many other Saturday mornings, is football-filled, but not with NBCSN Premier League action. Today, I’m living mostly on FS1, helping myself to the breadcrumbs of FA Cup action they’re tossing my way.

I prefer watching NBCSN, mostly, as their coverage is so superior in its completeness. Not airing the Stoke match? That’s cool, it’s on their app. I can watch any and every game in the Premier League.

Fox, on the other hand, limits me extremely. If it’s on FS1 – or the rare match on big FOX – then I have access, but I don’t even have the option of turning to FS2, as it’s not offered in my geographic region. And forget about matches not aired on traditional channels. Stoke? Birmingham City? Nope. They’ve got to draw a Manchester, London, or Liverpool team – or be at an odd time – for me to get a look in.

This morning, I watched an obviously superior Man Utd annihilate Reading – with Rooney scoring his Charlton-record-equalizing goal, happily, and Sutton and Wimbledon are about to kick off. Who knows what sort of football that will be.

Meanwhile, I’m re-devoting myself to my go90 app, available with streaming of all kinds of football, courtesy my Verizon plan. It’s a lovely fringe benefit. I got to watch my Granada side be pulverized by Real Madrid, and Napoli will be on around lunchtime.

I consider it a shame, as I adore the FA Cup, that it has to be put through FOX, who have done a poor job prepping viewers for it. Ah, well, may the matches will male up for it.

Here goes the match!




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