Jose’s War

Jose Mourinho has been sent off again against West Ham. That’s the second time this season – not even waiting for half-time this time – and a strange mirror of last season’s sending off against West Ham.

It was even the same ref.

Jose says his club is unlucky. I know that high-level athletes and coaches and managers can be very luck-oriented, but it feels like a cop-out in this case. Jose is clever, and he knows that people make their own luck. The fact is, he doesn’t know what to do with his squad – doesn’t know his best eleven – and doesn’t know how to compose himself long enough to make it work.

I mean, seriously, kicking a water bottle? Childish.

Full disclosure, I don’t like Man Utd and I don’t like Jose, but right now I feel sorry for this storied club. They took on this overgrown child in the hope that his reputation as a great manager would outdo his reputation for antics just like this. Sir Bobby didn’t want him, and it’s looking more and more like Sir Bobby was absolutely right.

The thing that absolutely grates is that neither times Jose was sent to the stands has he opted to do the post-match talk to the television press. Maybe he’s thinking that with his record of saying things that get him fined, he’ll only make things worse, but he’s had HALF A GAME to get his act together and say something constructive, apologetic, and maybe even contrite. Or at least not offensive.

As I said, he’s a clever guy.

In a league now chock full managers who are gracious, intelligent, passionate, charming, and well-spoken…. Jose is looking more and more passe. I mean, Pep’s conversation about whether or not he’d banned his players from having intercourse after midnight? PRICELESS.

It remains to be seen whether Jose can salvage anything at all from this season tactically, but in a war where Jose’s his own worst enemy, if I were Man Utd, I’d be getting rid of him quickly to avoid becoming collateral damage.




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