Where in the World is Quique (and his Scarf?)

Alas, the latest news on my favorite scarf is that it and it’s master will NOT be in the Premier League next season. The good news is that Quique Sanchez Flores has a job. The bad news is that it’s in La Liga, and I don’t know how I’m going to manage to get my fix of his press conferences.

Especially because Quique is the new manager of Espanyol – 13th in La Liga last season, pulling off a last minute great escape from relegation.

I could spend about six hundred words whining about how Quique should have been given longer in the Watford job (because he absolutely should have), but instead I’ll try to be gracious.

I’ll try. Here goes.

Quique, I wish you the best for your new season in your new club. I hope that your scarf and your brains and your players lead you to glory. Who knows, maybe you’ll pull a Leicester. Then I’d get to see a lot of you, I think.

So… please?




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