Define “Attack”

So, as I sit here during my planning period, I’m getting caught up in the world of football. Totally spacing today on the West Ham v. Man Utd match to be played today, I pulled up BBC Sports and had an “oh, yeah” moment.

First of all, let me say, Man United has been running late for two matches this season, so I can understand Sullivan’s annoyance on that count. Still, I can respect that things happen and it’s not always simple to prepare for traffic, especially given what I’m sure was a zoo for Boleyn Ground’s last match.

The thing is, plenty of people are saying that what Wayne Rooney has confirmed as an “attack” is not an “attack”, including the BBC’s Joe Wilson saying that “An attack is an exaggeration.”

What is an attack, exactly?

Do you have to have dead and wounded in masses before something is called an attack, or if someone punches me in the face, can I say they attacked me? Because I’m feeling the latter.

Fact: West Ham supporters were throwing bottles at the coach.

Fact: Police have reported one injured civilian and one injured member of the public.

Fact: You can actually see the pictures of how at least one bottle cracked the outer windscreen of the coach.

No shots were fired, no one’s dead, but this is a COACH. You don’t just throw things at people. Throwing bottles, even if it’s just at a vehicle, is UNACCEPTABLE behavior, and – let’s be clear – an ATTACK. If I threw an empty Pepsi bottle at Obama, I’d be hauled away. If they’re throwing something substantial enough to cause the damage caused, it’s a lot more substantial than an empty Pepsi bottle.

Yes, Sullivan. You’re upset. But it was an attack, there was damage on the coach, and let’s all just admit that while Man U could have been on time, your supporters also were out of line.

Because they were.


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